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The Entrance

The Entrance

Distance: 2.55 km ( 1.59 miles )  Duration: 30 mins.   Last Updated: 10 Dec 2019
A great walk added by Egidijus Rosen it's in The Entrance, New South Wales, Australia.
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Most of this track is better suited to biking, but still not too bad on foot.
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Tour Highlights

A bridge not too far.

A bridge not too far.

In fact it is right at the start of this walk.

Fun facts

Fun facts

There is only one of these information boards, so make the most of it.

Distance from previous hotspot: 0.52 km ( 0.32 miles )

Wide  open spaces.

Wide open spaces.

Water as far as the eye can see, unfortunately at this point it is a little too shallow to swim in.

Distance from previous hotspot: 1.86 km ( 1.16 miles )